Borough Expansion stirs BCCB Montreal’s cravings for growth!


The Bangladeshi Canadian and Canadian Bangladeshi Montreal, operating and known as BCCB Montreal has been in existence since 2017 and it is now expanding to selected boroughs of Greater Montreal in Phase-I.

BCCB Montreal is a Not For Profit (NFP) organization carrying out activities dedicated to the community in Greater Montreal and surrounding areas with the intention of uniting the diaspora of Bangladeshis in Quebec; and creating opportunities for the social and professional growth of the community at both macro and micro levels. Their ambition is to create as well as assist evolving and established professionals in the community by developing skills outside of their environments and generating a broader network within the society, which will ultimately lead to economic growth by contributing to the Quebec society and nationwide.

BCCB Montreal is to facilitate interaction among Canadians of Bangladeshi descent; Bangladeshi born and other fellow Canadians of different backgrounds on any social, socio-economic and charitable and awareness related matters so that impactful outcomes can be enjoyed and celebrated within the society. Over the years, they earned the reputation of delivering content rich and impactful events. International Women’s Day, Eid Shorubor, Pitha Utshob, Career Workshops are few that stand out for quality of content and excellence in execution like the other events.

BCCB Montreal does not only do events, but also collaborate with other organizations whether it is partaking in an event or a social cause. Notably, their fundraising activity for UNHCR; support for the flood victims with food, water; giving a hand with sandbags have inspired other Bangladeshi organizations. They also come in joint venture with Mother’s Day Event; 100 in 1 Day Social Impacts; and many more.

The resilient executive team is working their way through to achieve the charitable status. With the support from John Molson School of Business of Concordia University, they laid out a framework and operating procedures to operate BCCB Montreal as a smart organization. This borough level expansion will kick start the journey of growth with transparency, accountability and fairness. Be part of this team, commit, inspire!

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